Core Values

Both the Winston and Stettner names carry a reputation for knowledge, professionalism and confidence.

Maintaining our Core Values has served as the foundation for our success earned us the trust of our clientele.



The confidentiality of our clients, personal information and the security of all transactions are of the highest importance to us. We operate with discretion and the client's privacy in mind at all times. Winston-Stettner is fully insured and capable of dealing with any level of business transactions. We select the most appropriate shipping method to ensure your valuables are secure throughout the entire sales process.

We take pride in our ability to evaluate, appraise and close a transaction swiftly. We understand that our client's time is valuable and are committed to delivering service within a timely manner. We often close out a transaction in less than 24 hours. Although we never rush a client into selling, we always do our best to accommodate a client's urgent needs - including traveling upon request.

Valuations are based upon a combination of objective and subjective analysis and therefore buyers and sellers are often found on opposite sides of the negotiating table. We employ a "Best Value" approach to business, allowing all parties to work in unison towards a mutually beneficial transaction.

Personal Service
Winston-Stettner carries on the tradition of relationship driven business. Although we serve a diverse range of international clientele, it is our commitment that each client, regardless of transaction value, are personally serviced by the principal of the firm.

The success of our core business model is based upon ongoing client referrals. Our clients are considered friends, our partnerships are life long. Winston-Stettner operates within a rigid structure of honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times - A commitment that was made and honored for over 50 years.

What to Know When Selling Gold to Jewelers
  • Selling  scrap gold and jewelry to a  gold metal refiner, you first may want to get prices from jewelry stores..
  • You have the choice to get paid the greatest payment of money for your old gold and jewelry. For some people, a gold buyer is the easiest option because they purchase gold and jewelry of any type. Class rings, single earrings and damaged necklaces, are just some of the items they buy.
  • What if you have a hunk of antique jewelry that  is valued much more than  the metal that its made of?  You think you can get better paid from a jeweler when selling your jewelry.
  • But before you do, here is what you have to know so you don't get surprised!
  • Engraving Cannot Be Trusted
  • Skilled jewelers and special equipment are the only things that can tell specifically what kind of gold makes up jewelry. Regrettably what you think you have may not be what you have.
  • The engraving  denotes its karat, or its purity. Most countries have no rules and laws requiring that engraving be true, and many don't require a third party to document jewelry's gold quality. It is possible some piece of jewelry is falsely stamped to falsify the purity for the jeweler to make more money.
  • Scrap Gold Prices Do Not Reflect Retail Value
  • It's easy to assume that you sell to a gold buyer, you will get retail value for your old jewelry. Gold buyers only buy the intrinsic value of the metal within the jewelry, not  age or quality.
  • Jewelry stores work on very large profit margins, and can mark up prices by three to ten times their actual value. Even gold and jewelry purchased on sale will still be far higher than the value of the metal. The situation is common to purchasing a new car. When you drive off the lot, the value of the auto drops dramatically.