Sell Us Your Diamonds | We Are Large Diamond Buyers!

Cash spends better than a diamond sitting in a jewelry box! We Buy Diamonds! Sell your diamond today!

Winston-Stettner Firm retains the most qualified staff available, resulting in the payment of the highest and most fair prices for high end diamonds. Each diamond is accurately graded for clarity, color, cut and carat weight according to GIA standards. Winston-Stettner Firm is renowned for serving the wholesale marketplace with clients worldwide, thus paying you our highest possible price.

Please note: Diamonds are not removed from settings prior to our purchase. Grading is accomplished with state-of-the-art instruments designed to appraise diamonds without removal.

We Buy All Diamond Shapes

      All Fancy shaped Diamonds
      Asscher Cut Diamonds
      Cushion Cut Diamonds
      Emerald Cut Diamonds
      Marquise Diamonds
      Oval Diamonds
      Pear Shape Diamonds
      Princess Cut Diamonds
      Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

We Buy All Diamond Colors

      White Diamonds
      Blue Diamonds
      Pink Diamonds
      Yellow Diamonds
      Orange Diamonds
      Green Diamonds
      Champagne Diamonds
      Grey Diamonds
      Black Diamonds 
      Red Diamonds
      Purple Diamonds
      Chameleon Diamonds
      Violet Diamonds