Sell Jewelry - Gold, Silver, Diamond and Fine Jewelry

The Winston-Stettner Firm has a thirst for fine jewelry like no other company in America. Our experts will evaluate your item(s) while always considering where we can sell it for the most money and thus pay you the most for it. We have customers worldwide for every category we purchase.

Some of the Jewelry items that we're interested in are:

• Antique Jewelry
• Bracelets
• Cameos
• Chains
• Charm Bracelets
• Cocktail Rings

• Coin Jewelry
• Cufflinks & Stud Sets
• Diamond Jewelry
• Earrings
• Eternity Bands
• Gold Items

• Lavaliers
• Lockets
• Masonic Jewelry
• Pearl Items
• Pendants / Necklaces
• Pins
• Purses
• Rings
• Signed Items
• Stick Pins
• Wedding Bands


We pay top dollar for fine or estate jewelry. This jewelry, while not necessarily gold, is still quite valuable in the market because it is rare. If you have been willed jewelry by family members and have no use for it, let Winston-Stettner buy it and pay you CASH.

Whether it is a pearl necklace, a diamond bracelet, or a ring with rare gems, Winston-Stettner will pay you top dollar for your item. We constantly search out top buyers of these items and offer you the maximum amount of money for your fine jewelry.